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Hope In Our Darkest Hour

This piece was originally written and posted on LinkedIn by Brett Chatz. It is republished here with permission from the author. It was posted before the tragic betrayal of Israel in the 03/24/25 vote abstention of UN Security Council Resolution 2728, but it is still fundamentally true. Our leaders have betrayed us and the UN is still essentially useless. Antisemitism is alive and well. Regardless, there are many who stand in support of Israel and the Jewish people. are NOT alone.


In our darkest hour, it feels like we're losing. But we're winning. It's the fog of war viewed through the tainted lens of biased media. Remember this: All of Israel's achievements to date have been spectacular. From the ashes of hell, we see mighty warriors rising. Heroic acts punctuate the daily news. We needn't despair.

The Zionist movement is growing stronger by the day. Friends and supporters are rallying in support of Israel. Our collective voices are growing louder. Our enemies' murderous rampage served no purpose other than to galvanize our resolve. Diaspora Jewry heeded that call. Righteous Gentiles are showing up, big time.

Our response to 10/7 was fueled by absolute shock and horror—our desperate pleas for help generated a united response from the Israeli government. If only for a moment in the time continuum, Israelis and world Jewry are largely behind a national unity government in pursuit of justice.

We must not waver. Hamas must be rendered inoperable. Hostages must be returned. The terrorist autocracy in Gaza must be upended. We must enlist international Arab assistance to manage the enclave, with complete Israeli security control to prevent a recurrence of savagery.

We may disagree on tactics and strategies, but nobody can dispute the importance of unity within our community. Many great minds and able-bodied individuals go above and beyond to help in this noble cause. History will judge us by our actions in dark times, for it is then that man's character is truly tested.

Let's rise to the challenge. We must stare down evil and destroy it. Together, we can because there is no other way. Am Yisrael Chai!


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