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Holding a Prayer Book

Our Past and Our Future

The Ten From The Nations is an organization dedicated to recognizing the debt that Christianity owes to the Jewish people.  That debt is owed both due to the atrocities committed against them and the rich heritage that is the root of our Christian faith.  While we may not be the instigators of anti-semitism, we carry with us the legacy of centuries of such hate.  The Ten From The Nations organization is working tirelessly to root out anti-semitism and to work to restore the relationship between Christians and Jews.​

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represents many backgrounds but a unified passion for reconciliation.  You will find retired military and pastors, entrepreneurs and engineers, teachers and scholars.  Our board is made up of people who have studied religion, history, and politics.  They have pored over the Tanakh, the Messianic Writings, the Talmud, and countless Christian works.

We are thankful for their work and dedication.


Al McCarn

Board President

Al McCarn retired from the US Army in 2012 after a long career as a Military Intelligence officer. His training in international relations and history served him well in 30 years of military and government service. He uses that experience in service to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Since 2008, he has provided commentary on current events to inform the prayers of intercessors connected with the Saturday morning conference call hosted by Prayer Surge NOW. Now he also works with several ministries that bring Christians and Jews together to walk out the promises of Israel’s complete restoration.


Al and his wife Charlayne live in Rock Hill, South Carolina, along with their dog, Blue.

Steve Wearp

Co-Founder and Board Vice-President

Steve Wearp is the Founder and Director of Blessed Buy Israel, a business specifically designed to support the pioneers who are resettling Judea and Samaria.

Prior to the formation of Blessed Buy Israel, Steve served as the National Coordinator / Director for the March of Remembrance USA; traveling and speaking with his family about the Holocaust, the roots of anti-Semitism, and the consequences of remaining silent in the face of evil.  

Steve also attend school at Yad VaShem in Jerusalem to further his understanding of the Holocaust and how to combat the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. 


When he’s not in Israel, Steve travels across the US with his family, exposing the modern face of anti-Semitism, sharing the stories of the people re-settling the heartland of Israel and providing a way for people to actively support the economic growth and ongoing restoration of the Land.

Joshua Christian

Board Member

Joshua Christian serves as a Bible-based counselor and a life coach in the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area.  He is a strong prayer warrior, which we have all come to greatly appreciate!

Joshua is involved in humanitarian relief and support in his former home country of India.  Additionally, he is a passionate advocate for the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

Samuel Wearp

Board Member

Samuel Wearp has been involved with many different organizations over the years, all with one main theme, reconciliation between Jewish and Christian communities. Starting in 2011, he worked with his father, who was the National Coordinator for the March of Remembrance.  They traveled across the US and even internationally, calling on people to remember the atrocities of the Shoah (Holocaust) and reminding the world “Never again!”


That same year was his first trip to Israel, with Hayovel, an organization that serves the farmers in Judea and Samaria — the heartland of Israel. After just one trip he knew that his life would revolve around seeing Israel’s restoration as is prophesied in the Bible.


Many trips and years later, he is actively involved in the work happening in Israel through their family business, Blessed Buy Israel; a company that supports small family businesses throughout the heartland of Israel.


He is a speaker and writer with an undying passion for Israel.

Russ Smith

Board Member

Russ Smith has worn many hats in his life: pastor, teacher, event director, website developer, restaurant manager, IT manager, SEO analyst, and so much more.  But the thing that has brought him the most satisfaction is the work he does supporting the ministries that support Israel.

Russ works for a major manufacturing company in Quincy, IL, as well as a Christian radio station in the area.  He owns a business that provides marketing and technical consulting for businesses and non-profits.  

He and his wife, Kimberly, are passionate about God and about Israel.  They have spent their entire marriage in support of Israel.  Their Torah-observant family is spread across the country, from South Carolina to Colorado.  They currently live in a little farming community outside of Quincy, IL.

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